Sometimes it just works better for you to have us visit your pets at your home.We make at least three 45 minute visits to your home to walk, feed, let out, play with, give medication to if needed and and tuck them in on our last visit in the evening. Oh, and lots of hugs and kisses.
Multiple Visits
$25 / 45 m / pet
Our petsitting services are with your family in mind. Typically we will visit three or four times each day. All visits include feeding if specified, exercise and visiting with lots of love and hugs. A typical day's schedule would be first thing in the morning for a bathroom break, breakfast and a walk or exercise of your liking. Mid - day visit is the same without feeding (usually) and supper visit is for what is usually a very hungry little being or beings.A walk and bathroom time is always included. The last visit of the day is our "tuck-in" where we go out for a bathroom break, a short walk and safely settle in for the night with fresh water, a treat and lots of hugs.
Puppy Break Up to 4 months of age
$22 / pet
Puppies are like babies, they eat, they poop, they sleep. Our Puppy Break visits are just for that very thing. We check in on the sweet little babies and make sure that everything is perfect. We feed and water them and take them for a short walk and play. When we are done we give lots of hugs, a treat and put them back in their beds for a nap.