Dogs enjoy going for walks to explore their surroundings and sniff to see who's around. There are many other reasons why regular walks for your dog(s) are very important. Single walks and/or small group walks help with socialization. Socialization contributes to the development of your dog's interaction with people and other dogs. We offer 30 minute visits which along with the walks, includes fresh cold water and treats for your pup. If you need medicine administered, we will happily do that for you as well. Last but not least and our favorite ...lots of love and hugs.
Single Dog Walk 30 Minutes
$24 / pet
special pricing per pet
A 30 minute visit and walk in your neighborhood. Fresh water and treats and hugs.
PlayCare and Hikes
special pricing per item
We pick up and take your furry friend with mo more than 5 other dogs for an hour long hike. Sometimes it is a trail walk and sometimes it is a big field where all can romp and play. Dogs are matched by size and energy levels to assure that all enjoy their experience.
Good Dog Camp
$45 / pet
special pricing per pet
All Campers Welcome! This is camp for your furry friend, with play pools, obstacle course, toys and activities all in a fenced in area for safety and control. We pick up and return your dog(s) about two hours later....very tired!
Puppy Basic Training
$35 / pet
Sit,  Stay, Down, Come, Off, Heal and No are the seven basic commands that every dog should know. Puppies are eager to learn and be rewarded which makes this the perfect time to train them. We show you the basic commands and how to perfect them with your new little family member.