Dogs enjoy going for walks to explore their surroundings and sniff to see who's around. There are many other reasons why regular walks for your dog(s) are very important. Single walks and/or small group walks help with socialization. Socialization contributes to the development of your dog's interaction with people and other dogs. We offer 30 minute visits which along with the walks, includes fresh cold water and treats for your pup. If you need medicine administered, we will happily do that for you as well. Last but not least and our favorite ...lots of love and hugs.
We are here for you and your pets when you are unable to bring them with you. Your best friend will be treated like one of the family and even though they will miss you, being with us will be the next best thing. Exercise and play time each day and hugs and cuddles at night.
Sometimes it just works better for you to have us visit your pets at your home.We make at least three 45 minute visits to your home to walk, feed, let out, play with, give medication to if needed and and tuck them in on our last visit in the evening. Oh, and lots of hugs and kisses.
Sometimes our friends require a little bit of training, our Walk and Train service will help. We teach your pup no matter what age, to sit, stay, heal, down and come. We incorporate heal into the walks and work with the commands while out with them.